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  Design Brief  
1. How big and what type is your business?
To help you define the best contents structure of your website we may need to know some basic information of your business.
2. How many pages would you prefer for your website?
The pages of a website can range from 4-30, more depending on the size of the business and how much content you require for your business.
Note: The page definition will be under the standard mode which is 1024x768 and with one scroll of the screen.
3. Will you use your own business logo or a brand new one?
If you current logo already has a high brand exposure, then can build a website with your logo provided. Alternatively, we can help you to design a brand new logo for your business.
4. Whether flash is required or not?
With the latest developments using flash techniques become more and more popular all over the world, we can help you decide whether your website is designed with plain HTML or with flash navigation, or totally designed in flash, (Full Flash Site), we can always satisfy your selection.
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