LPG logo
  Design Brief  
1. Which type of the graphic would you choose? (vector or bitmap)
Vector - Different from a raster graphics image (which consists of a bit pattern description), a vector graphics image is expressed by mathematical statements. It is scalable. However this is only based on simple colors.
Bitmap - Usually consists of a bit pattern description and can be very colorful. But it will only base on a certain resolution for the best quality of graphic.
2. What size of the graphic would you require?
A4 or A3 or other specific size for the graphic. Business card size, CD/DVD cover and booklets,
3. What is the purpose of the graphic?
After an intial consultation with our designers we can define the color theme for your application to best represent your product or service.
4. Whether it is shape based or text based for the logo?
For the logo design, it can be either a shape based design or a text effect based design.
Our experienced team will be able to guide you in this area to have a result that is innovative and eye catching to make a visual impact.
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